We’ve written to all the Mayoral candidates, as well as all the candidates for the North East London GLA, inviting them to pledge their support to our demands for Social Housing. See the pledge here –

Luisa Porritt – Liberal Democrat Party

Thank you for your email to Luisa Porritt and the Liberal Democrats. We completely understand and share your concerns about the need for any sites in London to deliver genuinely affordable homes. That is why the Liberal Democrats have made Homes one of our top three priorities for the campaign for Mayor and London Assembly. 

Candidates for Mayor are not allowed to pre-judge planning applications which may appear before them as Mayor. However, we are very supportive of The Community Plan’s community-focus and push for social housing and a Women’s Building to commemorate the legacy of the site and provide refuge and care in the community. We can also assure you that, as Mayor, Luisa would want to engage closely with the residents who would be affected to make sure that their views were being heard loudly and clearly throughout the planning process. 

As Liberal Democrats, we believe that development must not be done ‘to’ communities, but should be done ‘with’ communities, listening to their needs. That is why our plan to take London forward focuses on reinventing high streets and neighbourhoods working with the residents who live there. Communities should determine the investment in and development of the types of services and facilities they want and need in their local neighbourhoods.

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