What's in the plans?

On March 8 2022, Islington Council approved Peabody’s plans for the former Holloway Prison site, which include 415 homes social rent, a park, and a floor in one building to provide women's services.

We are in need of social housing in the borough, and the proportion of social homes in this development (42%) is higher than similar projects in London. This was won due to the efforts of CP4H and other community groups who kept up the pressure on Peabody and Islington Council.

Despite this victory, there are serious concerns from the community. The plans are currently missing a community centre, they fall short of the environmental standards needed to meet our net-zero climate targets, and the "women's floor" is far from the visionary women's building that the community came together to design.

The plans are approved but that doesn't mean that everything is set in stone - a lot can happen in the coming years and positive change is always possible if there is political will. For example, in April 2023 we pressured Peabody to make big changes to the plans by adding a second staircase to the tallest tower blocks, following recommendations from the Grenfell enquiry. We'll keep fighting for the best possible outcomes for our community!


Peabody submitted the full planning application, containing the bulk of the plans, to Islington Council. There are also additional planning applications containing extra details that need to be approved on an ongoing basis, whilst the works are taking place. A full list of these applications can be found here on the council's website, by doing an Address Search with 'N7 0NU' as the Site Address.

The buttons below provide quick links to the full planning applcation and some of the key additional applications. To see the actual documents, scroll to the bottom of the planning application page and click 'Related Documents'.

Application P2021/3273/FUL

The full planning application, containing the bulk of the plans.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Related Documents'.

Section 106

The s106 is the legal agreement between Peabody and the council, containing much of the key planning information. The council provided this document in an inaccessible format (a PDF of JPG images). A community member spent many hours converting the document into a searchable PDF, available here. Note this was created before plans for second staircases, so some details will change.

Application P2022/3100/AOD

The Construction Environmental Management Plan. This contains information about how Peabody and their contractors must handle the demolition and construction, including the reduction of noise, dust and vibrations.

Application P2022/2919/AOD

The Whole Life Carbon (WLC) assessment, showing the estimated carbon footprint of the site during its whole life, and how Peabody plans to achieve this. Most of the carbon footprint is from the construction and building materials.