Community Plan for Holloway is an independent campaign working to ensure the Islington community is at the heart of the redevelopment of Holloway Prison.

Peabody, the developer, has submitted their planning application and now Islington Council are deciding whether or not to grant planning permission. The site was bought with huge subsidies from public funds and our local community deserves better

In a nutshell, whats wrong with the developer's plans?

  • Consultation hasn’t been meaningful or inclusive
  • Site design is too dense & overdeveloped
  • “Affordable” housing isn’t affordable
  • Insufficient environmental credentials
  • There’s no community facilities
  • Women’s Building offer is vastly insufficient
  • We need more green space
  • Homes don’t meet daylight standards
  • No inclusion of co-housing
  • Different tenures aren’t integrated together

It’s the last chance to have your say, but you don’t have long as the council’s consultation closes on December 21st 2021. See here to find out how

There are over 330 documents in the application and we’re currently reviewing these. We will soon be sharing an in depth analysis. Some key pointers are here.

We don’t think December 15th leaves enough time for people to sift through this huge application and respond to it. Especially as local residents didn’t even get notification from the council about the consultation till it was 8 days old and their website was offline for 4 days, so we’ve asked the council to extend it (*after our objections it has been extended to December 21st, but this is still too short for a scheme of this size)

To find out about

– our ongoing analysis of the plans

– whether an extension is granted

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We recommend that everyone look over details from our recent public meeting to find out how to have the most effective impact on the planning process, see here.

If you want to read a summary of the problems local people have identified with the plans you can read our Vision Document here.

If you want to look at some of the press coverage on this issue you can do that here.

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