The Community Plan for Holloway is an independent coalition of groups and residents working to ensure the needs of the Islington community are at the heart of the redevelopment of Holloway Prison


In a nutshell, what's wrong with the developer's plans?

  • Consultation hasn’t been meaningful or inclusive
  • Site design is too dense & overdeveloped
  • “Affordable” housing isn’t affordable
  • Insufficient environmental credentials
  • There are no community facilities
  • Women’s Building offer is vastly insufficient
  • We need more green space
  • Homes don’t meet daylight standards
  • No inclusion of co-housing
  • Different tenures aren’t integrated together


Islington Council and the GLA approved the plans

Read a summary here and our detailed response here

There are over 330 documents in the masterplan. There’s an in-depth analysis from us here and some key pointers here

To find out about

– our ongoing analysis of the plans

– next steps in the planning process

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If you want to read a summary of the problems local people have identified with the plans you can read our Vision Document here.

If you want to look at some of the press coverage on this issue you can do that here.

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