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The Community Plan For Holloway exists solely to champion the views of local people. We want the needs of the local community to be at the heart of redeveloping the former Holloway women’s prison.

This is the largest construction project our borough has seen in over 30 years. It will have a huge impact of the area for years to come. Projects like this happen once in a generation, so we want to ensure our community gets the best from it.

Community Voices is a research project carried out by Community Plan for Holloway. It builds upon previous studies that have reported on people’s aspirations for the Holloway Prison redevelopment. See more details and read the full report on the publications page here

We have been meeting regularly with the developer Peabody, as well as with the local council and the GLA. At these meetings we discuss all elements of the development and the impact it will have, pushing for local people’s views to be kept central.

To do this, we need your views! Please fill out this form to tell us what you want on this historic local site.

A bit of context from earlier on in the campaign

Between April and September 2017 we ran a survey (both paper and online) asking for people’s views. With the help of local people and community groups we distributed survey leaflets to around 8,000 homes near the Holloway site.  We attended local events, spoke at public meetings and organised street stalls, giving out around 20,000 survey leaflets.

Working with the charity Women in Prison, we have also consulted with women in the criminal justice system through discussion groups and paper surveys.

By mid September 2017, more than 930 individuals and organisations shared their views with us about the future of the Holloway site.

You can read what people told us in the vision document we produced in 2018.

Art by Erika Flowers