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Significant inadequacies and “too many loose ends”

Media Release 11 February 2022

The Community Plan for Holloway welcomes the decision to defer the planning agreement for the former prison site because of significant inadequacies and “too many loose ends” in Peabody’s masterplan.

Islington’s Planning Committee cites the following issues that must be addressed by Peabody before a final decision can be considered. 

The issues are:

  • massive discrepancies between Peabody and the council’s assessments of the financial viability of the site;
  • future running costs of the Women’s Building and the request for more public subsidy;
  • tenure mix and the hugely disproportionate number of social homes facing onto the busy main road;
  • the lack of a community centre on the site for the over 3000 new residents; 
  • indoor and outdoor amenity space for children of all ages including young people;
  • access to the proposed “residents’ lounge”; 
  • pedestrian and road access to and from neighbouring estates;
  • the need to consider the London Living Rent model for the 18% “affordable homes”;
  • wifi provision on the site.

Speaking on behalf of the Community Plan, Will McMahon said: 

“The Community Plan for Holloway welcomes Islington Council’s planning committee’s decision to defer planning agreement given the significant weaknesses of the Peabody Plan for the Holloway site.

“It was gratifying that the councillors on the planning committee expressed so many of the concerns the community has raised time and time again over the last three years.”

“We also believe its key for the planning committee to address the issues of height, massing  and daylight for current and new residents as Peabody have not taken them seriously, as residents from Bakersfield Estate, Penderyn Way, Trecastle Estate and Anson Road made abundantly clear at the meeting.’

The Community Plan’s Marj Mayo said: “The Community Plan has expressed concerns about social segregation on the site and we are really delighted that councillors saw the same issues as important and asked Peabody to think again.”

Revd Alexandra Lilley, Vicar of the local parish church St George’s, and Community Plan trustee said: “Community Plan for Holloway welcomes the Councillors’ shared concern about the lack of community space on the new development – and especially the lack of amenities for young people. It’s essential that this is addressed in the plans before they go any further, so that a thriving neighbourhood can form on the site”.

The Community Plan’s Melissa Herman said: “The Planning Committee members were underwhelmed by the Women’s Building offer – quite rightly asking why yet another almost £3m was being demanded from the public purse to provide the ‘Landmark’ building Peabody has promised to deliver.”

The council will look at the plans again on 8th March. 

The Community Plan will be issuing a full briefing note on the deferral of the plan in due course.



For more information contact: Melissa Herman, the Community Plan for Holloway, 07939 983628 and email

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