Proposed Conditions for the Redevelopment of the Holloway Prison

Proposed Conditions for the Redevelopment of the Holloway Prison CP4 Holloway Board of Trustees, 9th February 2022

The conditions stated below are in addition to our objections and do not in any way supersede our objections:

– Condition 7 (Whole Life Carbon – Updated Review) to be amended to establish a requirement for the construction carbon emissions of the project to be more than halved to meet LETI recommended targets.

– Condition 10 (Energy Strategy) to be amended to include a requirement for Shower Waste Water Heat Recovery, in the interest of reducing running costs to residents and carbon emissions.

– Condition 24 (Cycle Parking Provision) amended to include that all access routes to basement bicycle storage rooms to be via motorised doors to maximise ease of use.

– Condition 27 (Overheating mitigation) to be amended to specially confirm that supplementary cooling to only be implemented where all passive measures are installed (including external blinds) and comfort conditions can still not be achieved. Operational cost of cooling to be shared equally across all residents.

– Condition 37 (Green/Brown Biodiversity Roofs) to be extended to include the maximisation of ‘blue roof’ attenuation systems, avoiding carbon intensive excavation and construction of underground attenuation tanks.


Additional Conditions

A. Women’s Building facilities to connect to the park (as per GLA recommendation). B. Commercial unit in block C to be part of the Women’s Building facilities.

C. Commercial units to be let to local businesses, and not national chains.
D. Decisions about the location and configuration of the Women’s Building be

postponed until a rigorous feasibility study has been completed.

E. The decision-making should also be postponed until the publication and consideration of the Heritage and Legacy Project.

F. The façade of block C should be striking and colourful such as mosaic or suffragette colours. The current red /chequered tiles are inappropriate and not celebratory

G. 50% of residents lounge to be publicly accessible community space, with space allocated outside for community events.

H. All play facilities to be freely accessible, and not behind residents-only gates.

I. Movement of construction vehicles only allowed outside of school drop off and pick-up times.

J. Site maintenance contract to commit to 30% local trainee positions.

K. Development height to be reduced to comply with Tall Buildings policy, improve daylight and sunlight to dwellings and improve the local external environment.

L. Motorised bollards installed to allow access to the road across the park to be controlled, allowing play street and other safe community uses at certain times.

M. Vehicle turning spaces (off the highway) to be controlled by motorised bollards and designed as open play areas (for the majority of the time when not required for large vehicles).

N. All buildings to have accessible roof top space for residents, including planting and growing space. The area of solar panels to be maximised in roof areas where resident access can’t practically be achieved.

O. A fair distribution of socially rented, private and shared ownership housing across the site. Currently social housing is situated disproportionately on the main road and with single aspect.

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