Make Space for Women Art Competition – Winners!

There was an incredible response to Community Plan for Holloway’s Make Space for Women competition with a huge range of thoughtful, creative and inspiring responses to the theme: what it means to make space for women. 

We received almost 90 pieces of artwork of different kinds, including poetry, prose, painting, photography, drawing, crochet and multimedia pieces. Artworks came from as far away as Nigeria, and from women who are currently in prison as well as from people of all ages.   

These works are now part of Community Plan for Holloway’s campaign for an iconic Women’s Building that can deliver the support that women, families and communities need, and will be included in the historic archive that we are creating for future generations to reflect on.

One of the artists said:

“When I created the painting my motive was to depict exactly what it’s  like to be within your own head. In a way, through this painting I was able to make myself vulnerable and express my emotions through each brushstroke. Taking part within this competition in general has been such a great experience, I am grateful that the judges were able to appreciate my artwork and the story behind it. I hope this revolutionary project succeeds in order to give every single woman within Holloway and beyond a place to be free.” Brigitte Mpela, joint first prize winner in the 17-25 years category.    

You can see all the entries here:

Winner Individuals category, “Legacy” by Sara Garcia Menendez, Handmade crochet doll, cotton: height 16cm

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