Community Survey

What do you want on the Holloway prison site?

Community Plan for Holloway is an independent campaign seeking your views on the Holloway Prison redevelopment, the largest in Islington in 30 years. We will use the information anonymously for a report, to pressure the developer and council to provide what the community wants. We will store the information securely and not use people’s names or any identifiable information. Please send your answers and queries to Debbie Humphry, Community Engagement Organiser or she can phone you to hear your views: 07831 811490 

Please copy the below text into an email or document you can send to Debbie. Respond with as much detail and context as you can so that we can understand the community’s needs better.  THANK YOU!


1.        What do you want to see on the Holloway prison redevelopment? Why?

2.        What do you not want to see on the Holloway prison redevelopment? Why not?

3. There will be: 800-1000 flats; a Women’s Building with facilities & services for women; outdoor public green spaces, a community garden & play space. Is there anything you think is particularly needed by the community? (and why)

 4.     Do you have any other comments, concerns or questions about the site?

5. Why do you have an interest in the site? (eg local resident, personal experience, etc)

The following information will help us understand if we have reached a representation of local people:

6. Gender:

7. Age

8. Ethnicity:

9. Dis/ability

10. Other identity characteristics eg occupation, student, retired, faith group, parent etc

Thank you very much for your comments.


If you would like to be informed about particular aspects of the campaign and development, please fill in your details below, which will be separated from the information you gave above:




Address or postcode:

Please tick below to let us know what you are interested in:

____ Housing

____ Women’s Building

____ Community

____ Environmental Sustainability

____ Architecture

____ Retail spaces

____ Social Inclusion

____ Informing friends/neighbours/colleagues/family/group members about the campaign and relaying their views to us (Community contact):

____ Public meetings:

____ Visit from us to tell you/your group more:

____ Art or educational workshop

____ Media campaign

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