Annual General Report

Community Plan for Holloway Report 2019-20

The year in brief

The Community Plan for Holloway was launched as an independent organisation on March 30 2019 at the Emergency meeting following the public announcement that Peabody had bought the Holloway site with the support of a loan from the GLA.

The first six months of the financial year 2019-20, April to September, was focused on initial meetings with Peabody and a fund-raising drive to ensure that the Community Plan had the funds to ensure its survival in its first two years.

By March 1 2020 the Board had raised £40,000 from The Tudor Trust and £44,500 from the Trust for London in grants to support the project from October 2019 to September 2021.

The second six months of 2019 saw a shift in emphasis to public communications and campaigning. We organsied four public events and produced a monthly bulletin. The Board met with Peabody on a monthly basis, raising key issues of concern, and four working groups met on a regular basis: Environment and Sustainability, Women’s Building, Co-Housing and Architects and Planners.

1) Registration of Community Plan Ltd

“Community Plan Ltd” was registered at Companies House as a not-for-profit company to manage the work of the Community Plan for Holloway on 9 March 2019.  There are seven directors of the company: 

Niki Gibbs (Reclaim Holloway), Rod Gonggrijp (Green Party), Richard Hope (Treasurer and Islington Homes for All) Alexandra Lilley (vice-Chair, St Georges Church), Marjorie Mayo (Labour Party), Will McMahon (Chair) and Nick Wakeling (Liberal Democrats). Tricia Clarke was added to the Board as a representative of Islington Trades Council and will be added to the Directors in March 2020.  All Board members attend on a voluntary basis and have received no income from the project.

2) Board meetings

The Board met on a monthly basis from April to December of 2019. Since the beginning of 2020 the Board has been meeting more frequently to keep abreast of the tasks required to manage the Community Plan. The Minutes of all Board meetings are available on the Community Plan for Holloway website at

3) Staffing

In October 2019 the Board engaged Mark Charlton as a consultant for 20 hours a week to help with the essential tasks in organising the community campaign with a focus on community mobilisation, communications and event management.

4) Campaign space

The Community Plan rents desk space for volunteers to use to carry out tasks for the campaign at St Georges Church at the cost of £160 a month.

5) Meetings with Peabody Housing Association

Members of the Board has met with Peabody Housing Association on a monthly basis from May 2019 to February 2020 raising a wide-range of issues about the development of the site including:

  • Enviromental Impact
  • Building Design
  • Consultation process
  • Womens Building
  • Public communication
  • Use of Visitors Centre
  • Tree Survey
  • Use of Section106
  • Schedule of demolition and build
  • Apprenticeships
  • Rents for the social housing
  • Mix of social housing, shared ownership and private ownership
  • Lock on ownership

6) Communications

The Community Plan has an email bulletin, published to advertise events and developments on the project, distributed to XX people. There is a Twitter feed @Planforholloway, website and Facebook page.

7) Events

The Community Plan has organised five public events in the last year:

Saturday 30 March 2019 Emergency meeting following the announcement of Peabody Housing Association as the buyer of the Holloway site.

Saturday 5 October 2019 ‘Community Plan Open Day – what are the next steps for the Community Plan?’

Thursday 7 November 2019 ‘The next steps in the Community Plan for Holloway’ Community Open Day

DATE 2020 Meeting on the development of the Women’s Building

Saturday 7 March 2020 First Annual General Meeting

8) Working Groups

There are four working groups and their contacts are: (are people ok with their emails going in)

Environment and Sustainability

Women’s Building


Architects and Planners.

9) Plans for 2020-21

We will be holding a pllnign day for ll communty Plan members and supporters on Saturday 25 April 2020 from 1pm to 4pm at a venue in Holloway to be arranged.

We have funding to:

1) To develop a street contact network. This will enable the Community Plan to build a network of support across the local community. Whilst the need for very local involvement is vital, we will, of course, continue to develop our work with other communities, across the borough.

2) To develop a strategy to engage with two parts of the community that have previously had low representation at our meetings and consultation processes: BAME, in particular, minority women’s groups, LGBT, disability and young people across the local area and across the borough more widely.

3) To hold regular meeting with Peabody and the Council to ensure that the plan for the site meets the need of the different local communitities.

3) To build participation in our working groups and to create new working groups where the demand arises.

4) To maintain the profile of the project, both in the borough and London-wide, by acting as the key source of information and by ensuring that local views and activities are broadcast and promoted across print, social and other media.

5) To build a membership based organisation across Islington and to hold three memberhsip meetings a year to guide the work of the organisation. The first meeting being on Saturday 11 July.

10) CP4H Financial Report for 2019 to 2020

CP4H was incorporated 12th March 2019

Financial year end 5th April 2020


First funding was from Tudor Trust 27th August Part 1 was for £20,000


Crowdfunding and individual donations roughly £521.80

Outgoings 2019 –

2020 : Office rent, contractors fees, office stationery, campaign materials


Projected money in account at year end 05/04/2020 £12,409.69

The forecast is that by October we will have used up part 1 of the Tudor Trust grant unless other grants were received

Tudor Trust20,000.00
Total Income20,521.80
Total Outgoings8112.11
Money in account12,409.69
Revised income for 2020 to include 
Trust for London,  April 2020 – 2021   29,500.00
Tudor Trust, August 2020 – 2021   20,000.00
Monies carried forward   12,409.69