Key promises on housing: Islington local elections 2018

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With local elections to be held on 3 May across Islington’s 16 wards and housing remaining a key issue in the borough, we took a look at manifesto pledges on the issue. Here are the key positions and pledges.



  • Build more homes by encouraging the development of four zones of taller, denser housing
  • Build at least 2,500 council houses/affordable units
  • Build twice as many homes on the Holloway Women’s Prison site than the council has already proposed by allowing taller buildings on the east side of the plot. Extra capacity will make space for a women’s centre and more green space.
  • Speed up the Holloway Women’s Prison site building process
  • Ensure that any public sector land sold for housing is required to support 30% affordable housing where low-density and 35% where high density

Quality of council housing

  • Reduce waiting times for council housing allocation
  • Implementation of a major refurbishment plan
  • Total upgrade of council housing over eight years

Private sector 

  • Crack down on rogue landlords through inspections and enforcement

Council Tax

  • Will freeze council tax for four years

Green Party

Quality of council housing

  • Will ensure a fast response to reported maintenance problems in council housing
  • To undertake major repairs on council housing
  • To follow up on risk assessment recommendations
  • Support for bringing council housing management in-house once PFI contracts end


  • Will ensure new developments have at least 50% affordable housing
  • Will promote energy reduction schemes for council housing
  • Will encourage resident-led redevelopment plans for estates
  • Will seek to build on spare space such as garages, roofs
  • Will support the development of housing cooperatives and community land trusts
  • Will oppose the sale of public land for private development


New Homes

  • 1,900 new homes and at least 550 new council homes by 2022
  • Defines affordable housing as housing which is set at council and social rent levels
  • Creation of keyworker housing

Quality of council housing

  • Implementation of an online system for reporting disrepair and ensuring swift response
  • Encouragement of formation of resident and tenancy groups

Private rental

  • Action against extortionate fees from letting agencies
  • Continue to support private renters through the dedicated advice line
  • Expand the landlord licensing scheme borough-wide
  • Continue to try to make it illegal to rent out unfit properties


  • Support those at risk of losing tenancies
  • Continue outreach efforts
  • Support the growing call for Holloway Women’s Prison Visitor Centre site to be used as a shelter

Current policy and legislation

  • Labour will continue to campaign against the tenant tax

Liberal Democrats

  • Build 1,000 new homes at social rent prices on disused sites in the borough
  • Implement a repairs programme to bring existing council homes to a better standard
  • Protect leaseholders from overbilled building works