Community Plan for Holloway welcomes Manalo & White Architects

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We are very pleased to announce that Manalo & White Architects  are on board with Community Plan for Holloway. This is a result of our cross-community efforts to ensure that the site’s legacy is used for social good and a community purpose. It is an achievement to attract the interest of architects who are willing to give their time and expertise freely. We are hoping their involvement is a significant stepping stone towards making our vision a reality.

What does this mean?

As we welcome Manalo & White to work with us, we are also mindful that we want to ensure this process remains consultative and community-led, which means continuing to ask:

What do you want to see on the site?

Unlocking Holloway for the Community, the draft vision document presented at the 2 March public meeting, was designed with consultation in mind. There is space at the end of the document to write down or draw what you would like to see happen to the site. The space is for actions, ideas, pictures, thoughts.

If you attended the public meeting, please send us your ideas and invite your family, friends, colleagues and community groups to read the document and send theirs by the end of Friday 30 March.

What happens next? 

We are collecting all of your individual visions for the site which we are proud and excited to say, are creative and piling up, giving us much to consider. We will bring all of your ideas and visions together and write the final vision document in time for the local elections so it can be used to lobby local candidates.

After the May elections, we will use the final vision document to continue building a broad coalition to ensure the Holloway site is developed in the community interest.

In the meantime, Community Plan for Holloway looks forward to working with Manalo & White to create a more concrete and unified vision of the site based on community voices.