Council adopts planning guidance

On Thursday, 4 January Islington Council adopted planning guidance which sets out the priorities for any future development on the Holloway prison site. The Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) was informed by what the council described as the biggest consultation response to a planning document of this kind they have ever had.

The council expects any development on the site to include:

  • 50% genuinely affordable housing (made up of 70% social rented housing and 30% intermediate such as shared ownership or London Living Wage)
  • publicly accessible open green space including play space
  • a women’s building/centre providing services for women involved in the criminal justice system, as well as general support for women
  • some commercial space
  • high quality design which opens up the site to the surrounding area making it more accessible
  • high levels of environmental sustainability

You can read the full SPD here.